31 December 2017
2018 starts with a beautiful Full Moon in the caring and compassionate sign of Cancer.  This Full Moon showers the earth plane with the energy of love, understanding, intuition and empathy and what better way to begin a New Year?  The synchronicity of this Moon could not be more appropriate as we enter a year where we are being asked to embrace our relationships with one another to take them to a higher and more evolved level of understanding and respect.  The importance of who you align yourself with, and who around you brings out the very best in you, is of great relevance in this No. 2 Year of a 9 Year Cycle, as in honouring those closest too us we honour what we can do together – in harmony – rather than as separate forces struggling for what suits us best on a personal level.  As you align your energies with those who are like-minded and those who share your vibrational level, you can find the true and “real” levels of intimacy, sharing and collaboration that create concrete and sustainable relationships whether they be professional, romantic or friendship based.
On 3 January 2018 the planet of sudden and unexpected change, Uranus, will move into Retrograde motion in the sign of Aries allowing us all some space to think and prepare before we act on what 2017 has driven us towards.  During this Retrograde period it is important that we all go with the flow as much as possible, and allow Uranus to show us where our energy can best be used, and where it is time to let go and allow the Universe to take over.
The beginning of 2018 may feel quite erratic and even chaotic to some as the energies settle from that of creating and envisaging new beginnings and opportunities – the No. 1 Year – to the energy of putting these into action – the No. 2 Year.  Do not allow this energy of change to dissuade you as what you are feeling is the potential of what can be, and what will be, if you choose to persevere and act from a position of faith and optimism rather than from fear and pessimism.  It may also feel like you are taking a giant leap into the unknown, but if you just cast your mind back to all the groundwork, learning and development you have undergone during 2017 you will soon see that you have created this beginning for yourself, and now it is just time to make it real.  You are more prepared and more supported by the Universe than you think you are, and always remember that everything we do is in co-creation with the Universe – so ask and you shall receive.
We have been in an energy of evaluating and preparing for most of 2017 and now as we step into 2018 we are being asked to become more involved and more present in our daily lives and in all that we do.  You are here to live your life not observe it passing you by.  So wake up, be brave and don’t be afraid to start doing all that you wish too and all that you have worked so hard to prepare for.  Change is upon us and as the beautiful energy of the Divine Feminine works within us and all around us on the earth plane, we take a giant step forward towards ascension and living as part of the oneness, rather than as separate entities with only our own material success as our motivator.
2018 can and will bring rewards to those who step up, who are brave enough to embrace change, and to those who do not allow fear to stop them or hold them back in any way.
On New Years’ Day allow yourself to bathe in the Cancerian Full Moon energy of love and compassion and allow this to radiate through you and from you for the highest good of humanity. The Goddess is alive and breathing and now wishes to permeate the very essence of all that we are and all that we can do – as both men and women.  I ask each and every one of you to bring the love and light of the Universe into your hearts, and to expand this energy out from this purist part of you to all who surround you and the earth plane as a whole.
I wish each and every one of you a 2018 full of love, happiness, peace and beauty and may the Blessings of  the Universe fall upon you all in every way.  Love deidre xox