Blog Post 28 March 2019

Today is the day Mercury turns Direct in Pisces and we slowly but surely move out of this challenging three week Retrograde period. 

Piscean energy is very sensitive and very creative, and it can also be very evasive.  It is evasive in the sense that it often encourages us to view the world through rose-coloured glasses, or to put it more bluntly, to see the world as we wish to see it, rather than for the reality being presented to us.  So, during this Mercury Retrograde period we were all surrounded by a lot if illusion and disillusion.  People and situations that we relied upon and trusted showed a different side of themselves, and what we thought was reliable and steadfast in our lives, showed that it may not be that at all. 

More and more we are being encouraged by the cosmos and the energies of the Universe to look to ourselves for stability, courage, support and security.  Until we are whole within  ourselves, we cannot expect to live in or create a world that is whole.  Any anger and doubt we have about ourselves must be healed before we can go on to heal the anger and doubt we have with others and the outside world.  And as annoying and frustrating as Mercury Retrograde periods can be, they do ALWAYS give us that opportunity to explore our inner world and what comes up for us personally during these times, is exactly what we need to put our attention on and resolve to change. 

So, today as we move out of Mercury Retrograde, take the time to look objectively at what has happened in your world over the last three weeks, and rather than judge it or dwell on the difficulties or challenges of it, look to what you learned about  yourself.   Detach from the events and the emotions and look to what you saw within yourself or in the mirrors around you and make a plan to alter this in the most positive and loving way possible. 

Venus the planet of love and beauty, moved into Pisces yesterday and with that move an energy of sweetness and love descends upon us from the heavens.  This is our reward for having faced some tough times of late.  Venus in Pisces brings gentleness, compassion and sensitivity to all that we feel and do and allows us to see the world through a more enlightened and evolved lens.  Yes, it can also be another case of viewing the world through rose coloured glasses, but I am feeling that  this is what we all really need right now after the harsh lessons and experiences of late.  Venus is working in beautiful harmony with Uranus in Taurus at this time, allowing us to bring the energy of creativity and love to all that we wish to build upon and develop at this time.  What is built on and with love at this time has the ability to sustain us and grow for us just so long as we are prepared to work hard at it and give it our best.

The mighty patriarchal and transformational energies of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are still overseeing and controlling all that goes on.  They too are of the light and will support and encourage all that is for the highest good of all concerned, but as we know their teachings are not easy for us.  At present their continued opposition to the Cancerian North Node is essential for making us aware of how we can best use our compassion, understanding and nurturing skills to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others.  We are being shown what we have come from; the old ways of limiting, conservative and outdated ways of thinking and being, and what we are striving for and can become if we use these strict and conservative energies to help us to stay on track and to not give up or lose focus of what we are here for. 

We are all here to make a difference in this world, and even  more so  if you are reading this Blog.  The fact that you are prepared to look and think outside of what is being presented to you in our 3D reality, shows that you are a very evolved soul and you know, deep within your soul, that you have a purpose here and your life is more than what it may seem.

Happy Mercury Direct everyone!  Wishing you all many blessings of flow, peace and beauty in your lives as we all move forward with a little more knowledge and awareness and a little less to hold us back.  xox