Blog Post 1 November 2018

Venus is continuing her Retrograde journey and has now moved backwards into the sign of Libra.  For many this shift in signs has brought about deep feelings of loss and grief that can be defined and related to something you are very aware of, or, although you may have just felt these deep feelings, you may have not have known where they were coming from or what they were relating too.

In the Year of the Sacred Relationship Venus in Retrograde motion is doing her best to make sure that no stone is left unturned.  The grief and wounds that we carry often extend far beyond this lifetime and often we are also carrying the old wounds of our ancestors as well.  So, when you experience feelings of loss or sadness, you are releasing on a deep level an old wound that your soul no longer needs you to attend too.  Pockets of pain and grief often remain within us often long after we thought we had dealt with them,and put them to rest.  Venus Retrograde is allowing us to pop open these old pockets and release the energy trapped within them so we can free ourselves karmically and physically of what no longer serves us well.  Venus is now in her last two weeks of Retrograde motion, and so as her journey continues into your relationships and how they serve you and effect you, more and more awareness will come up for you as to who represents a positive relationship in your life, and who does not.  It is a time of letting go so as you can honour yourself and respect yourself for all that your relationships (both good and bad) have taught you and move forward with reaffirmed boundaries and more defined limits as to what you will accept from another soul and what you will not.

On the same day that Venus turns Direct in Libra, 17 November, the North Node will move out of Leo and into Cancer.  The North Node represents your destiny and your future and all that you have to discover and explore in this at this time. And directly opposite your North Node in your Natal Chart is your South Node which dictates where you have come from, what you have already learned and what your soul is familiar with.  As he moves into Cancer the focus moves from being the best you can be for yourself and your soul’s journey, into focussing on what you can do to help others; to nurture and to show compassion, and to “mother” the inner child within yourself.

This shift of the Moon’s Nodes represents a time where humanity is being called upon to show love and understanding for all that there is, and to bring us all together for the highest good of all concerned.  We have understood what it means to be responsible and to work towards your own goals and embrace your personal ambitions etc.  And now we are being asked to look to the collective, to what we can do as an individuals, to help others become more sensitive and aware of what we all feel.  It is a time to encourage everyone to express what they deeply feel and to know that in doing so they will be understood, valued and respected for being who they truly are.

There are now just two months to go in 2018, and what an incredibly busy and eventful year it has been for us all.  This is the time to ask yourself; How healthy are my relationships?  And how open have I been to the feelings and expressions of those around me?

We all speak our own language of love and therefore we all need to be bi-lingual at the very least.  So, use these last two months of this Year of the Sacred Relationship to enhance your ability to communicate your love to others, and to solidify the feelings of self-love that are so important to your ability to receive love and embrace your happiness and success in this lifetime.  The upcoming Cancerian North Node change will give you the outlet and the strength to grow all the positive relationships in your life into sustainable and respectful ones, but these relationships can only genuinely support you and enhance your life when you can love yourself too.  Never forget the most important love affair of your life is the one you have with yourself.  Be Love to give love.  Blessings xox