Blog Post 20 January 2019

Tonight we have a Super Full Moon in Leo and a total lunar eclipse.  Lunar eclipses represent endings in our lives and give us the energy, permission and support to release the old and bring in the new.  It is an extremely powerful time to put out your inner trash, to evict old patterns of behaviour, to dispose of all that is not having a positive purpose in your life, and to eradicate all that is toxic and unfulfilling for you.  All so as you can create space within for new beginnings and opportunities.  Decisions made at this time tend to be carved in concrete which makes the power of a lunar eclipse one that allows no going back.  This is not a time to reform or redesign parts of yourself, or your life that you are not happy with.  It is rather the perfect time to go further than that, and not just gently rearrange or quietly rename something that is challenging you, but to get it out of your life completely and to turn your life around.

A Full Moon in Leo offers us the opportunity for great courage in our lives and gives us the ability to express ourselves to be heard.  So, any changes you wish to make in your life right now, don’t be afraid to do so wholeheartedly, loudly, confidently and with every bit of courage and creativity you possess.  You have the courage of Leo the Lion behind you at this time!!  The more optimistic, forward reaching and energised you can be about the changes you wish to make in your life, and what you know you are leaving behind, the more the Universe will respond in kind. 

At this time on the earth plane there is a lot of chaos and disruption as the old ways are being called out for their total lack of compassion, integrity, justice and equality.  There will be  more and more of this as time goes on.  We have to liken what is occurring on the earth plane at this time to a deep festering wound that needs to be healed.  This is a wound that has become so deep and so unhealthy that there are parts of it that have been infected for so long, that we have come to accept them as being just what is.  This fear-based apathy and unacceptable acceptance is so deeply ingrained in places  that it will take much time and upheaval to bring it all to the light.  It will take time to shift the balance back to a healthy world, and the energy of the Eclipses as they occur year after year, give us the opportunity to take giant leaps forward where we are often only able to take baby steps the rest of the time.

It is our own personal fears and perceived limitations that keep us frozen, inactive and unwilling to change, and these are more often than not, just the flip side to our talents and gifts. We are beings of Light that have a shadow side, and it is now and must always be, the Light that we give our energy and attention too, so as we can heal the shadow.

Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse allows us to release the darker, slower and less energetic side of ourselves so as our inner light can shine outwards.  There is a unique gift within each of us and it is our responsibility to give that gift permission to shine and be what the world needs.  Allow your inner Lion to roar, let go of the darkness that keeps you in fear, and be loud, proud and courageous in all that you do.  Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse blessings to you all xox