Blog Post 23 September 2018
Firstly, I do apologise for not posting a Blog for the last couple of weeks.  As you may or may not know I am in Europe shining some light around and it’s been a very busy time for me.  But now, without further ado, here is my inspiration and insight for you all.
September has been a very powerful month in many ways. The aftermath of the Eclipse energies are still working on us, as are the Retrograde planets that are now back up to speed again and taking us all full throttle ahead.
September has been a month of intensity and movement.  Very few have had the pleasure of sitting back and just allowing this month to flow by.  Rather we have all been kept busy in our work, in our decision making and in our understanding of who we truly are.  So much has been brought to us in the events in our daily lives that have been designed to illuminate in each and every one of us our lifetime potential and what we chose to do and be before we were born.  We are all souls on a journey, and we all have a destination, but we cannot and will not get there by sitting back and thinking the Universe will do all the work for us.  And so, in September this has been tested.  For most of you the challenges you have faced or obstacles that have presented themselves to you, all come down to that same deep soul knowing that exists underneath the humanness of you.  Your soul, your Higher Self and the Universe all know exactly what your destination and potential are, but it is only through your attention to your intuition (what you “feel” to be true), hard work and focus that you will get there.  So, look to what the challenges of September have taught you about yourself and how you are living your life.  Have you been challenged to work harder?  Have you been remiss in focusing on your inner knowing?  Have you been confronted with tests because you are juggling too many balls in your life?  Or, have you simply wondered what on earth you are doing with your life?  All or some of these will have been in play for you so as you could realise and understand where to best apply your powerful energy and your God-given talents.
You can now use this time of the Spring/Autumn equinox to put into place your next 6 month plan and then apply every ounce of your energy and belief into achieving this.  You will not regret it and I can guarantee you that in 6 months’ time, you will be in a much more powerful and secure place, simply because YOU did the work, you listened to your inner voice, and the Universe naturally and simultaneously responded in kind.
We have a Full Moon in Aries in opposition with the Sun in Libra in just a day or two.  The energy of headstrong, determined and passionate Aries will meet the balance, harmony and creativity of Libra and rather than allowing these two energies to be at odds with one another, it is our perfect opportunity to mix it up and see what we can create.  The power of the Aries Full Moon will work beautifully with the lingering Equinox energies allowing us to not only put our plans in place but to single-mindedly make them happen with relentless passion and motivation for what we believe in and care the most about in our lives.  This is excellent energy for building careers and taking steps towards being the best we can be in what we do on a daily basis.  And, rather than behaving like steam-rollers and squashing everything in our path along the way, we have the harmonious and acquiescent energy of Libra to assist us in pushing forward in a way that honours all our relationships with others, harmonises us so as we can work with our inner and outer knowings, and also brings much needed creativity and balance to all that we do.
All that we do must be done for our highest good, but this does not mean that we selfishly think only of what we need or want.  We look to our own needs and we take care of ourselves, but not at the expense of others.  And this is what we must remind ourselves at this Full Moon.  You may feel intense passion and an intense need to only do what you want and only follow your desires.  But if you do so how will this affect the balance in your life and those that you care about?  And are your single-minded and perhaps self-serving attitudes and desires truly in your best interests? We are all Spirit having a human experience, and so the humanness of us needs the support and caring energy of our positive relationships to be happy and at peace along our journeys too.
Full Moons symbolise endings and the coming to fruition of all that we have worked upon since the last Full Moon.  But I feel this Full Moon is also going to create an energy where we can all release our excuses in life for not doing our best and for not following our paths.  You are the only one responsible for your destiny in this lifetime, but you have unlimited support from the Universe and from the highest part of yourself at all times, and this support is ALWAYS there.  So, use this Full Moon energy to meditate and connect with your higher awareness and see what new inspiration, passion and motivation comes your way and then USE all of this wisdom and light diligently over the next 6 months to make the magic and miracles occur.  Full Moon Blessings to you all xox