Blog Update 27 June 2018
Thursday’s Full Moon in Capricorn will conjunct Saturn in Capricorn meaning that the full effect of both of these planetary energies will be felt at this time.  The Moon rules our emotional bodies and inner worlds, whereas Saturn rules our outer worlds and the Society we live in.  As these two planets come together at this time, we will get our first glimpse and “feel” for how we well we are doing under the restriction of Saturn in Capricorn.  We have been working under this disciplined energy for the last six months now, and so depending on how well you have buckled down and used the effect of this planet, you will now see the consequences of your actions, or lack thereof….
This Full Moon will accentuate the need for hard work and discipline and the rewards that this brings, and it will also highlight the consequences of our actions when we don’t put our own needs first and foremost in life.  All that you do is about enriching and developing your soul’s journey, and you cannot master this journey if your own wellbeing is not nurtured and supported too.  We are all here on planet earth at this time to make a difference in some way, and to do this to the best of our abilities and for the highest good of all concerned, it is imperative that we take good and practical care of ourselves and are attentive to our goals.
Capricorn energy can also highlight family issues, so don’t be surprised if there are challenges and issues to be addressed here.  It may become glaringly obvious to you during this time, how much you do or don’t do, for your family, and more importantly, what worth you place on your role as a family member.  You may become very aware of how much you do to look after others here, or it may also become very clear to you that there is more you could be doing here as well.  Any imbalances within your family life will be made very apparent to you during this time, not so as you can disregard your own personal needs and responsibilities and make them your number one priority.  But so as you can make sure that no matter who you feel responsible for, or what you have to do in your role as a family member, that you are looking after YOURSELF first and foremost.
Full Moons are a time of fruition and of things coming to a peak – and this Full Moon it will be revealed to you, the role you personally have in the world you live in and whether you are taking enough care of yourself and of what is important to you.  It is a reminder for you to stay focussed and clear in your goals and to do all that you can to stay on track.  The only way to successfully co-create with the Universe is to keep up your side of the partnership and this means you must work to the best of your abilities and have faith in your future.  Your role is to provide the goal and perseverance to get there, and it is the Universe’s job to find and guide you to to the “how” of getting there.
So, on this Full Moon allow yourself to release all and everything that distracts or discourages you from being all that you can be – see yourself where you need to be in the world.  And, be as kind and nourishing to yourself as you possibly can, so as the Universe knows how best to guide and support you at this time.  Full Moon blessings to you all.  xox