Blog Post 31 July 2018
How are you all travelling out there?
We are in the midst of some of the most powerful planetary energies the earth plane has felt for quite some time and this is all about cleansing and clearing. Cleansing and clearing the earth herself as well as our own individual cleansing and clearing.  With 6 planets currently in Retrograde motion and an extremely powerful Eclipse season, the Universe is dictating what needs to be done and it is in our best interests to move with the flow rather than try to ignore it or fight against it.
There are only two emotions on the earth plane; love and fear.  Fear represents all that is negative in our lives and is a tool that is used time and time again by the media, the powers that be and our own Ego Self, to keep us contained and to keep us controlled.  We all carry fear within us; some of you may have a lot of fear and some of you may have managed to chip away at it, to lessen the load.
All is energy and so fear is energy.  It is negative energy and so it presents itself as something unpleasant that makes you feel uncomfortable at the very least and terrified at the very most.  When we face what we fear it loses its power over us – not always immediately – but if we keep going and refuse to bow to our old ways of looking at and feeling things, we can and will destroy that fear and any power it may have over us.
With 6 planets currently in Retrograde motion and a hugely powerful Eclipse season our fears, and the energy that these create physically on the earth plane are being brought to the surface to be cleansed and to be cleared.  A new world is coming and, as with anything new in life that we wish to create, for it to be worthwhile, sustainable and true to its purpose, it must start on clear and clean foundations.
Mercury in Retrograde in Leo is asking us to re-visit our need to be brave and courageous.  We are being asked to face up to any fears we may have of not being appreciated and respected for all that we do.
Mars in Retrograde in Aquarius is having a tremendous effect on bringing heat and anger to the surface.  This Retrograde is pivotal in making us aware of any fears we have of being different to others.  We are being made to see and more importantly “feel” the anger and disparity that is so prevalent on the earth plane at this time and through feeling this we are learning how to act against it.
Pluto in Retrograde in Capricorn is creating the chaos and upheaval that is so necessary for us to be able to truly see what must change in our lives and as a planet.  We are being shown the fears we carry that keep us as slaves to ourselves rather than being the Masters of ourselves that we came here to be.
Saturn in Retrograde in Capricorn is slowly but surely creating new structures and new foundations for us to re-create from that are solid, resilient and built to last the distance.  This Retrograde is working on any fears we may have of not being good enough or worthy enough as it is these fears that keep us from our success and our joy in this lifetime.
Neptune in Retrograde in Pisces has for quite some time now been revealing to us where we are dreamers and where we need to break through the illusions that have been sold to us, so as we can see the true reality of who we are and of our purpose on the earth plane.  Neptune is showing us what we fear to admit about ourselves and where we prefer to bury our heads in the sand.
The North Node in Retrograde in Leo has the power to alter our destinies.  As we go within we get to see how we can best use our power to let go of the past and to create our life paths for the highest good of all concerned.  This Retrograde is responsible for identifying most of the past life fears we have brought through with us into this lifetime.
And the Eclipses are all about endings and beginnings.  This energy takes care of all that we either do not want to take care of, or do not believe that we have the power to take care of.  They are a gift from the Universe to us to help us evolve and keep moving forward, and they take no prisoners.  And when it comes to our fears, the Eclipse energy (and especially its power over the next three weeks) will single-handedly give us the opportunity to put an end to old fears and worries and to therefore be able to begin a new path with nothing to hold us back.
The harder you are finding life at the moment, the more fear you have to release.  But this is not a competition or a race of any sort.  Fear is something we accumulate over many many lifetimes and if we don’t address it within a lifetime on the earth plane, then we reincarnate with that same fear time and time again until we do.
Therefore, at this time on the earth plane, we are cleaning up our act.  We are burning off internally and externally the anger, fear, angst and negativity that has been locked inside of us for too long, and it is not easy.  And none of us are going to sail through these times without having to face up to and eradicate something from our lives.
Do not run away from what you fear – meet it head on instead.  Do what you need to do to confront what holds you back and what makes you feel like you are less than perfect in any way.  Admit to your failings and do so in the knowledge that you have done nothing wrong.  You are a soul on a journey.  You are here to learn from every experience that you have, and having fear is one of those many earth plane experiences.
Let go of your fears, they are created by your mind not by reality, and choose to love yourself and your life.  You are loved and you are honoured.  Blessings xox