Blog Post 5 January 2019

So, this weekend we have the first eclipse of 2019 – a partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn.  What fantastic timing!!  Here we are at the beginning of a transformative year for the planet and for our personal goals, and in divine timing we have the “new beginnings” support of a Solar Eclipse to aid and assist us with what we wish to create and make a reality this year. 

Capricorn energy is very grounded and practical, so this is a fantastic time for you to put into place your groundwork or foundational work for your year ahead.  Now is the time to put those practical plans into place, and to look to what steps you can physically and constructively take to get the ball rolling, especially in your work life.  Capricorn energy is a very patriarchal energy and is very much related to our careers and the more “serious” aspects of our lives. So, one thing to be aware of at this time, is not trying to enforce or direct others, and your plans, only in the direction that YOU think they should go in, or in the way that YOU think they should be.  In other words, don’t be so stubborn and stuck in your ways that you don’t listen to your inner self, or to what the Universe is trying to get through to you. This is a formidable time for you to stand in your own power and you will be feeling particularly ambitious and driven.  Therefore, listening and responding to your own inner knowing is as important as creating firm foundations is. And, it is also important that no matter what is going on for you, that you remain flexible and open to what the Universe is presenting you with, and how things are naturally flowing around you.  As I have often said, we co-create with the Universe; with the Universe having the big picture of all that your life is destined to be about, and you only getting to know things on a need to know, step-by-step basis. 

So, do implement changes at this time, but don’t be too rigid or stubborn in how you think they should play out for you.  This is about constructing a strong beginning and the rest of the steps will present themselves as and when you need to take them. The humanness of you (or your Ego) will always try to convince you that it knows best, but sometimes it is much more productive to just surrender to the forces around you, and how and where they are directing you.

I have no doubt that during 2019 we are all going to go through major overhauls of our lives and how we live them, so the best thing we can do at this time, is to be sure of where we are going and what we wish to achieve, and to also be prepared to do all the necessary and essential work that is our part of the partnership we each share with the Universe. 

Eclipses always come in pairs, solar then lunar.  They represent significant beginnings and endings in our lives, and decisions made and actions taken under the influence of an Eclipse, tend to be irreversible.  Their influence can be felt for months afterwards, so even if you don’t see or feel anything changing around you at this time, do know that the minute you send your intent out to the Universe, you have set wheels in motion, and things will transpire in their own divine timing.

So, in just a couple of weeks’ time we will have a total Lunar Eclipse in Cancer which allows us to put an end to the aspects of ourselves that lack self-worth and which will also encourage us to create new beginnings in our lives, and in the lives of others, using our  compassionate, intuitive and maternal energies.

One more thing very important thing I would like to mention here is that as of 6 January ALL the planets will be in Direct motion.  This means that you have unlimited energy to move forward and your way is clear.  We tend to be able to work with less restrictions and challenging life lessons when the planets are in Direct motion.  This does not mean that there won’t be lessons to learn, as there are ALWAYS lessons to learn, but it does mean that what we are being encouraged to learn and experience is more in our outer worlds than in our inner emotional worlds.

Happy Eclipse season to you all – be strong, be focussed, be brave and most importantly be the best version of YOU that you can BE!  Blessings xox