23 August 2017
So how is everyone feeling as we immerse ourselves in the Eclipse energy?  For myself it has brought an even greater awareness of the importance of our own self-care and own true self – Leo energy.  And the opposing yet extremely relevant energy of Aquarius, also brought the understanding of the importance of all that we do being for the highest good of ALL concerned. Leo souls tend to be very good at looking after themselves and so as the Moon passed over the Sun recently, it was a massive opportunity for us to purge ourselves of old hindrances, and to open ourselves to what we could do and be if we believed more in ourselves and if we merged these beliefs with what is best for humanity as well.
We are all part of the “oneness” and so when we act for ourselves we affect part of that oneness.  The power of the Eclipse and the neighbouring Nodes at this time was a powerful reminder and instigator of the realisation and understanding of what we can achieve TOGETHER, when we all hold the same intention of love and aligning with the highest good of this planet.  It was indeed a very powerful few moments in the earth’s recent history, and this energy will continue to affect us for some time to come.
It has been 99 years since a Solar Eclipse carved the same path across the earth plane and so it is of particular relevance that within this No. 1 year – the Year of the Rise of the Divine Feminine – that 99 years ago women were first given the vote….
On 26 August 2017 Saturn will move out of Retrograde motion and into Direct motion in Sagittarius.  Saturn, the old task-master, has therefore been asking us for the last approximately 4 months to learn our lessons from within.  Wherever Sagittarius energy sits in your Natal Chart is where you were being encouraged to focus and discipline yourself on the inside, so as when he turns Direct you can move forward with more confidence, self-assurance and determination.  Saturn has just another 4 months in Sagittarius before he moves into Capricorn.  So, for the next 4 months its about focussing on mastering the Sagittarian lessons you have in your life so as you can be the best you can possibly be – on the inside and on the outside.
This Direct turn ties in beautifully with the Eclipse, as the Eclipse energy is giving us new opportunities to really step it up and Saturn turning Direct will help us with the skill set that is needed to do so.  While he was in Retrograde motion you could have felt held up and unable to progress with your plans and needs, and this was because you didn’t know back in April what you know now.  So, as he makes his slow turn into Direct motion, doors will start to open for you, opportunities to progress will be presented to you, and you can step forward with a lot more confidence and self-assurance, because you have done the internal work first.  In many ways it’s a bit like sitting an exam and the difference between having done the necessary study to answer the questions correctly, or thinking that you can just wing it.  Saturn does NOT “do” winging it!!
I would say however that as Mercury is still Retrograde until 5 September, the time between this and Saturn’s Direct turn can be used for final tweaking, fine tuning and making sure all is in place, exactly where it needs to be, in your plans.  Once Mercury turns Direct, Saturn will be well and truly moving forward, and things will start to manifest and flow for you once again.  So, just a little more patience, a little more faith, and a little more introspection and things will change around you both globally AND personally as the year progresses.  Blessings xox