Blog Post –  3 July 2018
On 4 July, Chiron the wounded healer, turns Retrograde in Aries adding to the intensity of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Neptune and the North Node all already in Retrograde motion.
Chiron moving into Retrograde is really the icing on the cake for us all if we are ready to use the energy constructively.  At present, we are all being encouraged to work on ourselves – to honestly and without any excuses look to the parts of us that stop us from being the best that we can be on every level.  Chiron deals with our deepest wounds that we have brought through with us into this lifetime to heal.  These wounds tend to go very deep, and over the space of our lives, we have allowed negative influences, fears and more often than not, the words and actions of others, to injure and infect these wounds even more deeply.
For instance, you may have come into this lifetime with a wound to do with self-worth.  You were born with this feeling that you weren’t quite good enough, and every time in your life since the day you were born, you have allowed any rejection, abandonment, lack of appreciation and neglectful action or word to quantify what you were born believing.  So, for most of us, we are talking about years and years of adding insult to injury and creating a wound that has many layers to heal.  The original self-worth injury goes very deep and will, therefore, take time and perseverance to heal within you.
During the Chiron Retrograde, which will carry through until early December this year, you have the support and ability to start to heal yourself layer after layer, until you get down to that core wound that you can then also heal and clear from yourself.   This is a slow journey where you are the power behind the healing – as only by you taking responsibility for your own wounds and doing all that you can to heal these, can you get there.  Your ability to heal yourself then becomes your greatest healing gift to the world around you.  What have been the hardest, and most hurtful experiences of your life are also where your greatest abilities to heal lie and where you are here to make a difference in the lives of others.
So, look to your past; to the experiences and people that always seem to hurt you in life, and rather than blaming such things, rather acknowledge the emotion they are making you feel.  This allows you to understand the core wound, and from here you can then make sense of all those painful times in your life and how they have just been an extension or confirmation of what you were already feeling about yourself.  They were no-one’s fault and no-one is to blame – you put these experiences there to learn from.  And now, slowly one by one, you allow those memories to re-surface, so you can accept and acknowledge them for the learning that they brought to you and how they have shaped you into the soul you are today.
And, once this is done, sit back, watch and wait as your life starts to fill up with those who need to learn and heal the way you have learned and healed.  You are their greatest gift of healing.  This is because you know what it feels like.  You have experienced that same pain, and you have not only grown from it, but healed it in a way that means that that core pain, and all the layers on top of this, are now but distant memories that cannot be reactivated within you or hurt you any more.
We are all here to learn to love ALL of ourselves – not just the good bits.  If we were all pure and unblemished inside and out, there would be no point in being here as there would be nothing for us to learn.  So, accept yourself and love yourself for all that you are and BE the greatest Healer you can possibly be – for YOURSELF and in time for everyone around you.  Blessings xox