June 14, 2018

Children’s Astrology


A child chooses their life before they are born and their Natal Chart shows not only their hidden gifts and talents, but how they develop emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. By studying the detailed Star-Wise Children’s Birth Chart or Baby Astrology Chart, and then applying this knowledge we can guide our children to begin fulfilling their pre-destined potential and spiritual path from day one.

Through the in-depth birth chart analysis we can see what part of the body may suffer health issues, and what to do about this. We can also see a child’s natural approach to learning and communication. A Star-Wise Children’s Report shows us how the shy and retiring child can be brought out of his or her shell simply by being taught to be braver by applying mindfulness, and being assisted and supported through this by their parents and caregivers.  One can also see how the aggressive headstrong child can be calmed and directed by being given an understanding of personal boundaries from a view point that resonates with them.

I believe that teaching any child the powerful lessons of self-love, self-awareness and self-respect is our greatest responsibility to them as well as giving them the unconditional love they need to build self-confidence and to take responsibility for all that they are and all they can be.  A Star-Wise Children’s Report with Clairvoyant Overview or Star Child Reading is an invaluable insight into any baby or child.  It shows us who they truly are and is also a wonderful tool for learning to understand and support them for the spiritual being that they are, and the soul journey they have chosen to share with you in this lifetime.

There are three different options you can choose from within the Children’s Reports that we offer.

Basic Children’s Report

The first option, Star-Wise Basic Children’s Report, is a computer generated Report which is based exclusively on your child’s birth details – therefore no two Charts will ever be the same.  This Report is approximately 15 pages long and covers the child’s practical astrological make-up including their health, vocation, relationship to their parents and general make-up.  The cost for the Star-Wise Basic Children’s Report is $25.


Star Child Reading

The second option is for a Star Child Reading.  This option includes a one hour consultation with me, either in person, via Skype or over the phone whereby we look into the spiritual make up of your child and what he/she has chosen to learn and experience in this lifetime as part of their soul’s journey.  After this Reading with me I will send you out a copy of the Star-Wise Basic Children’s Report as well for your future reference and guidance of your child.  The cost of the Star Child Reading is $100.


Children’s Report with Clairvoyant Overview

The third option is for a Star-Wise Children’s Report with Clairvoyant Overview.  This Report is approximately 25 pages long and comes in a written format only as I feel it is something that is designed as tool of reference and guidance for you and your child that should be regularly referred too. This Report has your Basic Children’s Report plus my Clairvoyant Overview of what I feel the most salient and important things are for you to be aware of in regard to your child and what they are here to do, be and learn in this lifetime.  Your Star-Wise Children’s Report with Clairvoyant Reading will be emailed out to you in around 14 days from receipt of your order and payment.  The cost for this option is $150.


Please note that I do not need to meet your child to do any of these Readings or Reports, I just need their birth details.

To order any of these Reports, please complete the purchase using the secure Paypal option. Once this is complete, you will be contacted as soon as possible to collect your child’s birth details. If you are located in New Zealand, and prefer to use internet banking, please feel free to contact me at info@star-wise.com for these details.