Takaka | Aligning The Soul Workshop

Takaka | Aligning The Soul Workshop

YOU are invited to join renowned international teacher, Deidre Wilton, Star-Wise Clairvoyant Astrology (www.star-wise.com), for two days of learning and healing at my NEW Aligning The Soul Workshop.  This two-day Workshop is intended as a follow-on from my Awakening The Soul Workshop, but it can also be attended if you have not already studied with me. 

We are here to walk our own paths and learn our own lessons, but we also carry with us the wounds of our ancestors and family karma, and when we heal these old hurts from the past we heal not only ourselves but our ancestors from the past and our descendants into the future.  And as we choose our lives before we are born, we chose our parents for their DNA and therefore also for the ancestral karma they carry with them.

In my Awakening The Soul Workshop you learned all about your astrology and what makes you tick as well as your past lives and the choices your soul made for its evolvement in this lifetime.  In my Aligning The Soul Workshop we look more deeply into your astrology to see which of the life experiences, lessons and challenges you have chosen relate to your own personal karma and soul’s lessons, and which ones are your ancestral or family karmic lessons that you have inherited.  At this time on the earth plane, we are all releasing old ancestral energies so as we can clear the way for a new way of being and existing, devoid of old obligations, ways of being, prejudices and traditions.  The earth plane and everything that exists upon her cannot continue as it has been, and to change the energy here we need to first look to ourselves and our family lines to heal and release all the old negative and fear-filled ways of being and perceiving life that have existed to date.  You are not here randomly and just for the experience; you came here with a purpose, a job to do and things to achieve for the highest good of all who exist here, and the sooner you can understand your role in all of this, the sooner you can get on with Being the change you were born to be

We also come into this lifetime with our own deep wounds, some which we have carried with us for many many lifetimes.  For the earth plane to be healed, you must first be healed and now is the time to heal those wounds so as you can bring yourself into full alignment with your soul’s purpose and so as you can truly live and love the life you have chosen.  Our deepest wounds are often formed in our earliest years of life and then buried under a myriad of life events, experiences and emotions, that confirm and compound that original hurt.  We spend our lives putting layer and layer of pain on top of unhealed wounds, and soldiering on, but we need to heal.  NOW is the time for us all to put our old hurts to rest, and to heal those deepest wounds so as we can take charge of our lives and help others and this planet to heal as well.  Self-love and self-worth are our power tools in life, but they cannot be fully charged when a part of us is injured. 

During this two-day Workshop you will learn where your deepest wounds came from, what they have to teach you, and what you can discover about yourself and your soul’s journey in the process.  You will also learn how you can use the planets and different energies of the zodiac to help you on a daily basis with your everyday life as well as those major life challenges and changes.  Through personal inner exploration and intuitive guidance you will explore how to identify what is your karma for this lifetime and what is your family karma.  And with the help of your ancestors and Spirit Guides you can heal and release your family line, and bring back much needed balance to the earth plane.  We will use meditation, astrology, intuition and deep empathy to dive deeply into your awakened soul so as to align it with the true you and empower your sense of self-love and self-worth. 

You are here for a reason, and you are here to be part of the massive shift that is taking place now on this planet. 

  • Are you ready to heal yourself so as you can heal others?
  • Are you willing to answer the call of your ancestors and heal your family karma?
  • Are you going to be the one who heals your family’s future generations?
  • And are you ready to realise that you are here to make a difference?

There is no doubt about it we are in the midst of massive changes on the earth plane and there will be much more to come and so we must awaken and align our souls so as we can BE the difference we chose to be.

This Workshop will only be attended by a small intimate group, therefore Deidre can offer you personal guidance as well as insight into those around you.  You will be amongst a like-minded group of souls who, just like you, have woken up and are now ready to align their souls and embrace their path.

If you are ready to face your deepest wounds, see them for what they have taught you and then heal this and in doing so release your family line and step into your true life purpose – this Workshop is for you!

The Aligning The Soul Workshop is conducted intuitively and so is a truly personalised experience tailored to the needs of each participant. Deidre has used this system many times before with excellent results.

Please fill out the form below to register your interest in attending. Feel free to contact me at deidre@star-wise.com for additional details.

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