Blog Post 20 December 2018

2018 began with us all hitting the ground running!   Within 36 hours of this New Year beginning we had a Full Moon in Cancer setting the tone for a year where we were called up onto master our Sacred Relationships in life. 

This past year has kept us all on our toes, it has been quite relentless and at times we have all felt like spinning tops, and that we just had to keep that momentum going no matter what.  As the year progressed our relationships with those around us were tested, as were our relationships with the different worlds that we all live in.  The planets above us have kept us all incredibly busy with our own lives, pushing and pulling us in different directions and bringing many lessons and awarenesses to us about who we truly are and how we allow the world around us to make us feel.  The busier we were the less able we were to pay attention to what others might think, or what others were doing, and I feel that this energy was pivotal in forcing us all to learn to deal only with what we can control and to take full responsibility for what goes on in our own lives.  For too long Society has pushed and pulled us to constantly be looking to aspire to more, to look better, to be nicer and to feel like we were just not quite good enough as we are, in our own perfect skins. 

So, while 2018 was keeping us spinning in our lives, we were forced to learn a lot more about self-survival.  The constant spin that we found ourselves in could only be made sense of and mastered by us when we took the focus off our outside worlds and started truly honouring, respecting and nurturing the most powerful relationship we have on this planet, and that is the relationship you have with our own amazing selves.  So, the crazy busyness of this year has served the incredibly important purpose of making us see and understand how much strength and wisdom we all possess as individuals, and how when we align ourselves with like-minded people, that inner strength and wisdom becomes a powerful force for change in the world.  Your personal need to be respected, honoured, acknowledged, loved and cherished is exactly what you need to grow and succeed in life. And when we focus on this in our own worlds and take responsibility for it, then this automatically sends out those same energies to the Universe.  Because EVERYTHING STARTS WITH YOU!

The planets have done their job also during 2018 in exposing so much to so many of what is out of balance, unjust and just plain wrong in this world, and it has indeed been a year of maturing.  The planet is awakening, and I can assure you that at this present time there are more people waking up to the fact that there is a higher perspective and existence with which we can view and guide our lives, than ever before, and this is fantastic news. So many souls are realising that what we have been led to believe and educated to accept in the past, is NOT the true picture, and that it is our responsibility to find our own truth and to use this to bring about sustainable and permanent positive change on the earth plane.

2018, the Year of the Sacred Relationship, has shown us through all its ups and downs that the way we treat our inner selves, will determine the flow of what we allow into our lives, and therefore will also control the direction in which our lives will flow.  If you believe you are unworthy of love, then unworthy love is what you will receive.  YOU decide your life and your world by how it to makes you feel.  Your Sacred Relationship with yourself must be full of love and acceptance for all that you are if you want a life that will reflect the same.  This year has taken us all on an enforced journey of self-discovery where we have discovered within ourselves so much untapped power and potential.  The pace and intensity of 2018 took over because each of us had to focus on what was best for us, as individuals, and move away from pleasing others, doing the “right” thing, and ticking Society’s proverbial boxes.  We have learned this year to be the best we can be by being who we truly are, and not to try to be anything or anyone else.

So, as we move into the final days of this Number 11 Master year, the self-mastery, self-love and self-worth within all of us has been given a good shake-up and turbo boost.  You have worked hard, you have learned much, and you have no doubt been on and off that crazy emotional roller coaster ride of  life.  So, congratulate yourself, pat yourself on the back, and be very proud of yourself because, whether you are aware of it or not, you have changed.  You have evolved through looking and delving deeply into who you truly are, and on top of this taking responsibility for that most sacred relationship with your soul.  You did good!!!

On Sunday we have the final Full Moon of 2018 and in the perfect synchronicity and cyclic nature of the universe, this Moon will fall in Cancer, just as it did at the beginning of this powerful year.  Cancerian energy encourages us to take care of one another, to mother and nurture those around us, and to learn to give that same love to ourselves as well. And so, this past year, we have come full circle back to where we started from.  However now, 12 months later, our self-love and self-worth have been awakened and empowered. So, we end as we began – but with a much stronger and more evolved ability to give love, compassion and understanding to those around us and, most importantly, to our amazing, beautiful, clever and fantastic SELVES.

I would like to wish you all a very very happy Festive Season and many blessings to you and your loved ones, from my soul to yours.  Merry Christmas everyone and I hope to see you all in 2019  xox